Fiber Optics

Low latency broadband. Technologies 5G, GPON, FTTX, Wi-Max, high definition TV (8K), Distributed fiber optic antenna systems (DAS).





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IT Consulting

Installation and administration of Servers, Virtualization, IT Management Consulting.




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networking & internetworking

LAN - WAN - MAN, Wireless, Premise Network, Interconnectivity, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Computing, IA, Big Data and IPv6 Networks.



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Telephony, Teleprocessing, Televigilance & Access Control

IP Telephony (VoIp), Integrated voice & data networks, FXS / FXO, video surveillance,  televigilance software / hardware, security networks.


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Since 1993


At Technology Caribbean Services, there is a way of doing Business, we are motivated by Quality, Ethics, Competitiveness, Commitment, Leadership and Passion; always attached to the respect of Values and Faithful to our Culture. We are Professionals and we comply with the norms, standards, Laws and respective legislations.

The growing demand for services such as Voice, Video, Data, High-speed Internet and Low-latency Broadband by users means that providers of such services have to propose new strategies in access technologies to meet the demands of the clients. Technology Caribbean Services has the professionals and resources to provide solutions based on growth, affordable costs and designing services to suit you.